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New collaboration with Progetto Letterevive




Progetto Letterevive (Alive Literature Project) arises from the wish to offer occasions to (re)discover the great masterpieces of literature, provoking that sense of wonder which is the indispensable premise to any path of konwledge. The proposal consist of readings that are at the same time meetings, lectures, theatrical monologues. At the core of it all, the taste for telling; telling stories, telling lives, alternating the mere dialogue with moments in which lights, music and words blend together, creating suggestions and raising emotions.

"The page is worth something only when you turn it and there's life behind it that pushes and disarranges all the leaves of the book" - Italo Calvino, The Nonexistent Knight


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Diamond and Gold winner at the International Independent Film Awards









Best score at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival

for "Prisoners of Time"









Best score at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

for "Ming... Voice of Deception"









Best score at the Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

for "The Percy Harris Story"








Completed the music for the videogame "CATcher Passworld" by Intesi Group



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Completed the score for the film "Prisoners of Time" by Brian Lutes


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Completed the score for the film "96 Hours in Bangkok" by Lubomir Haltmar




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My music for the "Drum Story" concept trailer

"A cosmic explosion of Power Packed Beats & rthymic patterns told through the universal language of the drum & rhythm of the heartbeat..."


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My old-fashioned horror track "Mad Doc Theme" 

placed in the TV show "Bad Teacher"






My track "La villa dei delitti" placed in the TV show "Raising Hope"

and in the science fiction thriller film "The Signal" 








My score for the film "The Percy Harris Story"

and my track "Trailer of the Heroes"

nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2013




With Augusto Gintama Chiarle from "The Wimshurst's Machine" and composer

Antonio Di Iorio at the ceremony at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles


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My "Classic Top Ten" with laVerdi Junior Symphonic Orchestra

at the Auditorium of Milano

(Paolo Dalprato photo)







My french folk track "Musette" placed in the TV show "Pretty Little Liars"







Winner of the Los Angeles Music Award

for best film music








My tracks "Hollywood" and "Ultime notizie"

used in an advertising campaign for H3g














Gabriele Bazzi Berneri: Migration of Beauty Original Soundtrack


The Percy Harris Story

Original Soundtrack Album


coming soon!


Gabriele Bazzi Berneri: Migration of Beauty Original Soundtrack


Migration of Beauty

Original Soundtrack Album


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